Custom Programs

Would you like to launch a LinkedIn Coaching program for your channel or national sales organization? We are ready to help. With a customizable eLearning portal and a train-the-trainer program you can deploy a proven social sales program quickly and cost-effectively, helping boost sales quickly.

Customizable eLearning Portal

Our eLearning portal can be customized to your needs. It begins with creating a branded web-portal that includes courses, online coaching, and sharable content. Next, we work with you to customize the online content, images, downloads, and videos to your selling style. If you already have a Learning Management System, we can deploy the training on your platform.

Train-the Trainer

We’ll work with your trainers to be able to confidently train and coach sales representatives in social selling. Based on your specific structure and objectives we’ll collaborate with you to create a program that empowers your trainers to maximize results.

To learn more about a custom program for your channel or national sales organization contact us today!


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