Digital Sales Transformation

What is Digital Sales Transformation?

Digital Sales Transformation acknowledges the new buying processes and communication preferences, integrating them into the existing sales process to drive better results.

Everywhere you look industries are undergoing digital transformation. From taxi cabs to Uber and Walmart to Amazon, we see massive shifts everywhere in how business is done. Most B2B sales teams sell some form digital transformation. Whether you are selling managed services, cloud services, medical equipment, or jet engines, virtually every industry has new offerings enabled by digital technology.

Why try to sell today’s digital technologies with analog sales strategies?


Buyers Have Changed

Armed with instant access to information, today’s buyers are digitally savvy and socially connected. It’s no wonder that the Corporate Executive Board discovered that buyers are 70% of the way through the buying process before they engage a sales rep or vendor. They also discovered that ther are an average of 6.78 people involved in a buying decision. Smart sales teams recognize this shift and work to engage decision makers and influencers digitally during the early stages of the buying process.


Sales Reps Have Changed

Have you noticed many of the sales reps you hire these days are millennials? These digital natives were born on the internet with smart phones in their hands. Then they walk into your dealership and you put them in front of a desk phone that they don’t know how to use. Why not take advantage of their online and social savvy to grow your business. The Social Sales Transformation helps you blend the online skills of your young reps with the proven sales skills of your legacy team to create an effective sales strategy.


Communication Has Changed

In addition to the internet empowering buyers, communication methods have changed. Yes, people still buy from people. But the way people communicate has evolved. The three new communication platforms are mobile, texting, and social. So, if you want to connect with today’s buyer, you better communicate on their platforms.

Get Results With Social Sales Transformation

Transforming your sales culture takes more than one rah-rah event. Over six months your sales team will be positioned as professionals, you’ll protect your current accounts by socially-surrounding them, and you’ll grow your business with nex-gen prospecting tactics.


Phase One:
Build Professional Profiles

Every manager and sales rep positioned as experts with a buyer-centric social profile.


Phase Two:
Socially Surround Your Accounts

Sales reps and managers will have multiple connections inside each current account.


Phase Three:
Digitally Prospect

Mine the connections in your current accounts to create net-new sales opportunities.

A Complete Package

The Social Sales Transformation program combines executive coaching, an on-site launch event, online learning, sales coaching, sharable content, and management metrics to drive results.

Optimize Profile

Every company transformation begins at the top. In the first phase, we will work with the dealer principal and sales managers to optimize their LinkedIn profiles. When we step into the onsite launch your sales team will know you are serious when they see the owner and manager’s commitment to LinkedIn.


The Onsite Launch is a one-day workshop at your location. During this intensive day your sales team will learn the fundamentals of social selling while beginning the process of optimizing their profiles.


Each of your reps has a different level of experience with LinkedIn. Self-paced online learning allows reps to implement what they learn in the live launch. Online learning includes text, graphics, video, and quizzes.


Sales reps get real-world feedback on their LinkedIn profiles and activity through social coaching. Similar to LinkedIn’s activity feed, the Social Sales Academy online learning portal allows our coaches to give feedback to each of your reps in a private social network. Your reps’ will benefit from the feedback given to their peers. Managers can also comment and see progress.


One of the biggest challenges sales reps face is finding content to share on their LinkedIn pages. We make this easy by serving up relevant articles from your website, your technology partners, and local news outlets.


We work with your managers to implement social activity reporting based on proven KPI’s. The goal is to make this part of your ongoing sales activity reporting.

How You Benefit

Add two net-new opportunities per month per rep.

Improve client retention by socially surrounding current accounts.

Increase your sales appointment and close rates.

Get Started

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