Integrate Social Into Your Sales Training

Social selling should not be a separate training course. It should be tightly integrated into your sales methodology. From new-hire training to advanced courses, we help you retrofit your training with social selling strategies.

Why Try to Sell Today’s Solutions With Yesterday’s Strategies?


New Hire Training

One of the most overlooked opportunities when you hire a new rep is that you get access to their network of contacts. Unfortunately, most companies leave it up to the rep to hopefully change their LinkedIn profile. Instead, what if your new hire training incorporated a process for each of your reps to build a buyer-centric profile and strategically share content that positions them as emerging experts in their new position?


Training Development

Social can have a positive impact on every part of the sales process. From prospecting all the way through to closing and account management your sales process can incorporate social to fill the funnel, increase the win rate, and cross sell current clients into additional services. This happens best when integrated into your existing sales training. We can help you integrate social into your existing training programs and train your trainers.


Management Coaching

Integrating social into your sales teams requires a cultural change. This must be driven and supported by management. It begins with sales management leading the way with buyer-centric LinkedIn profiles that help recruit top reps to the team. It continues with coaching strategies for reps. Social activity metrics need to be integrated with traditional activity standards. We can develop a management coaching certification for your leadership.

Integrate Social

Use our proven three step process to integrate social into your current sales methodology to drive more net new business.


Create Buyer Centric
LinkedIn Profiles


Socially Surround
Your Current Clients


Prospect From Your
Social Network

Social Sales Training Package


Get an evaluation of your current sales process, enabling technologies, and training along with recommendations to integrate social sales.

Training Development

We are experienced in developing effective and engaging training programs that can be deployed in person, by webinar, and through learning management systems.


Your trainers can be coached to integrate social into the existing training programs.

E Learning

Our team has experience in developing and editing e-learning programs. You can leverage our e-learning platform or have training generated for your current SCORM compliant LMS.


Deploy a scalable coaching model that engages sales teams in a social learning format.

Sales Navigator

Maximize your return on your investment in Sales Navigator with customized training to integrate with your socially-integrated sales process.


Motivate your sales team and partners with keynote addresses at conferences and sales kickoffs.

ROI Factdors

Accelerate New Hire Productivity

Get new reps producing faster by positioning them as experts and leveraging their current social networks.

More Net-New Business

Fill your sales funnels with socially-enhanced prospecting.

Maximize Close Rates

Position your sales reps to add insight, build credibility, and win more deals.

Cross Sell Additional Services

Stay top of mind with current clients to cross sell additional products, solutions, and services while getting references for new business.


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