Experienced Team

Larry Levine

With 27 years of in-the-field B2B sales experience in the technology industry, Larry knows what it takes to be successful. He’s successfully sold office technology, document management solutions, and managed services to customers ranging from up-and-down the street accounts to Fortune 500 companies.

After a conversation with a current customer about Linkedln, Larry became fascinated with this emerging network of business people. He started experimenting with Linkedln in his copier sales process. During this time, he learned from trial and error what works and what doesn’t work.

In the fall of 2013 Larry accepted a new challenge as a major account rep for a Japanese OEM in Los Angeles, one of the most competitive markets in the world. He walked into a zero base territory with no MIF to flip. Using his Linkedln sales strategies he booked $1.3 million in hardware sales in 2014 and left behind a $1.6 million pipeline for the next rep to develop.

Now Larry coaches B2B sales professionals to do what he did. Since 2015 Larry has coached both quota-busting tenured reps and green millennials just beginning their careers. Both appreciate the practical nature of his coaching.

Darrell Amy

Darrell Amy brings 23 years of technology industry sales and marketing experience. Having coached hundreds of solutions reps in how to uncover business problems, he helps major account reps talk intelligently about business and financial issues. He also helps reps develop professional writing and presentation skills.

Darrell’s career began in 1993 with Lanier where he was a sales rep, sales manager, and branch manager. He sold his first document management system in 1995 and landed his first major account the following year. Next, he was a district sales manager for a Japanese copier OEM. While there he became DSM of the year after helping to land a large healthcare account. He also became fascinated with document management technology.

In 2004, Darrell began training solutions specialists. This session equipped software sales reps to have business-level conversations with decision makers. Darrell also founded Dealer Marketing and Prospect Builder, digital marketing agencies providing website management, social media, and inbound marketing services to technology companies.

Darrell is the co-founder of the Social Sale Academy. He coaches major account reps in solution sales, presentation, and interpreting financial statements.