Want to Grow Your Major Account Sales?

Your experienced major account reps may have a book of business, but they probably also have a long list of accounts not yet penetrated. Also, your newer major account reps have come up through the ranks and may never have learned how to sell to larger organizations.

We equip major account reps with a strategic plan to develop new business while protecting your current accounts. Your reps will master social selling skills, major account sales strategies, presentation skills and more.

Phase 1:
Major Sales Account Workshop

The program begins with a 2-day intensive workshop where reps build a strategic plan, position themselves as experts on LinkedIn and learn new major account sales strategies.

Strategic Major Account Plan (S-MAP®)

Reps create a business plan for their target accounts which includes goals, strategies, and tactics to attack every account on their target list. Goals will be set for penetrating new accounts. Proven strategies will be customized to create a written action plan along with target metrics.

Skills Development

Your reps will learn practical sales skills related to major account sales.

  • Build their online brand on LinkedIn as a subject matter expert
  • Discover new ways to research accounts online to find initiatives and potential targets
  • Integrate advanced social selling skills to connect with at least 5 people in each target account
  • Learn how to read an annual report and financial statements to discover business initiatives, challenges, and sales opportunities
  • Master new strategies to have effective meetings with CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s, and COO’s

Ongoing Coaching

Monthly calls build on skills learned at the boot camp. Reps will be grouped in cohorts of non-competing reps to work out strategies in real-world scenarios. Each month they will receive additional training and exercises to build their skill set.

Best Practices

Reps share real-world scenarios with their cohort of non-competing reps. Your reps will benefit from exposure to multiple real-world major account selling scenarios. Target account names will be kept confidential.

Skills Development

There are many skills required to be successful as a major account rep. Each month your reps will be introduced to new skills in the areas of:

  • Presentation skills
  • Proposal strategies
  • Advanced social networking strategies
  • Business acumen


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