Everything we do drives toward increasing revenue through net-new business and cross-selling additional services into current accounts.

Facilitate Culture Change

  1. Integrate social sales strategies into the current sales process
  2. Equip sales managers and executives to support the social sales transformation

Increase Net-New Sales Revenue

  1. Position and branding sales reps online as subject matter business experts in their local communities
  2. Teach sales reps how to connect with top level decision makers
  3. Master digital sales skills to drive conversation and set appointments through LinkedIn
  4. Follow and monitoring target accounts for valuable intel

Protect Current Accounts

  1. Ensure reps are connected with multiple decision makers and influencers in all key accounts
  2. Position the rep for cross-selling opportunities into managed services and document solutions

Support Major Account Reps and Subject Matter Experts

  1. Position them as true experts
  2. Help them build and execute a Social Major Account Plan (S-MAP)


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