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Today the Social Sales Academy ( announced the next Major Account Sales Workshop on April 10-11, 2017  in Dallas, TX. The program helps major account reps build a business plan, integrate social selling aspects into their sales process as well as incorporating solutions strategies to grow net-new business.

“The stories coming back from the attendees of the first Major Account Workshop in January are very positive,” commented Larry Levine, Co-Founder of the Social Sales Academy. “As I coach the reps I’m seeing a resurgence of prospecting activity as reps execute the business plans they built during the event.”

Both sales reps and managers had positive feedback from the first Major Account Sales Workshop hosting in January. One sales rep from a large CDA dealer in the midwest was enthusiastic about what he’s learning: “As a long-standing major account rep who has built my business very successfully over the years, I can honestly say this training opened my eyes as to how businesses are looking to buy today.”

Another major account rep from the west coast said, “This changed the way I view the power of social in today’s sales environment. Larry does an incredible job of tying techniques, skills and the science behind social selling to real-life stories with industry-specific examples.”

Few things energize a dealership more than a net-new major account. Yet many many major reps lack a strategic plan to penetrate new opportunities.

“Ask most major account reps what percentage of their target account list they are actively working and the typical rep is working 10-15 of their target accounts,” said Darrell Amy, Co-Founder of the Social Sales Academy. “We aim to bring this number up to 100%.”

Participants will build a Strategic Major Account Plan (S-MAP®) which includes goals, strategies, and tactics to attack every account on their target list. Goals will be set for penetrating new accounts. Proven strategies will be customized to create a written action plan along with target metrics. Major account reps will also learn practical sales skills related to major account sales. In the workshop they will:

  • Build their online brand integrating the use of LinkedIn by positioning themselves as a professional adding value to major accounts
  • Discover new ways to research accounts online to find initiatives and potential targets
  • Integrate advanced social selling skills to connect with at least 5 people in each target account
  • Learn how to read an annual report and financial statements to discover business initiatives, challenges, and sales opportunities
  • Master new strategies to have effective meetings with CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s, and COO’s
  • Effective use of Quarterly Business Reviews to help cross-sell solutions, build stronger relationships with their account base while leveraging to ask for referrals

The Major Account Workshop is the first phase of the Major Account Coaching Program. Participants will receive coaching over the next year which includes best practices calls with peers from non-competing dealerships. They will also develop practical skills in presentation, proposal creation, understanding financial statements, and solutions selling.

The workshop and ongoing coaching will be led by Larry Levine ( and Darrell Amy ( Together, Larry and Darrell bring unique qualifications to help major account reps succeed. With 29 years of industry sales experience, Larry took a major account territory from $0 to $1.3 million in sales in one year in Los Angeles by combining LinkedIn with traditional sales strategies. Darrell has spent the last decade training sales reps in solution sales and helping dealers create and execute marketing strategies.

Dealers can learn more about the Major Account Workshop coming April 10th-11th at

“We’re excited about the impact of this training,” smiles Larry. “We’re going to make a huge impact on some dealership’s bottom lines in 2017!”

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The Social Sales Academy helps office technology sales reps grow net-new sales and protect current accounts by integrating social sales strategies into existing dealer sales models. Our goals are to facilitate productive sales culture change, increase net-new revenue, and socially surround current accounts. Learn more at


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