Larry, thanks for the training sessions with our team at IOTEC. I truly believe your training and knowledge of LinkedIn which you passed on to us will help in the very near future. Once again thanks and feel free to use myself as a reference to anyone in the dealer community.

Bob Zieman

Passionate, Relentless, Committed, Top Performer, Visionary.

Larry Levine’s overall value and contribution to the imaging industry has been tremendous. He has been one of the most consistent performers, and passionate agents of change that I have known over the past 15 years of working in the copier dealer channel. He understands what it takes to be successful, which means sometimes having to commit to taking the road less traveled. I had the opportunity to work at the same company as Larry when I first began in the industry. I learned very quickly that intensify and insight were two words I would come to always associate with Larry. Through my career as our paths have crossed I have always appreciated seeking out his opinions or reading his thought leadership. He is no nonsense. Larry doesn’t recycle ideas and try to pass them off as his own in a different package.

What Larry provides to the channel right now is critical: how to have your sales team stay relevant and successful through Social media and branding.

I think any dealer principal or owner who chooses to bring Larry in, will immediately realize ‘This isn’t business as usual this is essential to the future of my sales team and business.

He is a professional worth working with.

Monique Phalen
Director of Technology, Advanced Imaging Systems

I believe Larry to be the best kept secret in the copier/MFP industry. Larry has ideas that will make your stomach turn if you are an old school copier rep and stuck in the 90’s. He is bold, he is smart and his training is invaluable. If you want to keep up with the next generation of sales people then I recommend you hire Larry and do it NOW, or else you will get left in the dust. My sales have increased and the quality of my relationships has gone through the roof by utilizing social media and Larry’s teachings. So, for a good time, call Larry!

Dale Dupree
VP of Sales, North American Office Solutions

Thank you so much for sharing your insight, experiences and time today. I have been to several other social/Linkedin selling classes but today is the first time that the pieces connected for me and I had my own a-ha moment. It was very refreshing hearing your real world experiences from the field as opposed to marketing department from a manufacturer speaking in theories. l look forward to using what I learned from you into my own experiences!

Brandon Ysteboe
Sales Manager, DPOE