The Formula

Social sales strategies can help every aspect of your sales team from general territory reps to major account reps to vCIO’s, and solutions specialists. Each of these positions use social media in a different way. When you enroll in the Social Sales Academy you get a comprehensive program to help each position on your sales team master social selling skills.

Optimize Profile

Phase 1: Optimize Profiles

55% of decision makers admit to canceling meetings with sales reps based on what they found (or didn’t find) online about the rep. Step one is to teach sales reps how to optimize their LinkedIn profiles. The goal is to position each rep as someone with whom a decision maker would want to meet. The sales rep’s profile should clearly explain the value they deliver to a prospect.


Phase 2: Fill the Funnel

With a professional profile in place the next step is to fill the funnel by mining second degree connections. Your sales team learns strategies to leverage their existing relationships to get introduced to 15 new prospects per week.


Phase 3: Establish Daily Habits

Sales reps do not need to spend hours a day sitting behind a computer to be successful. However, there are some basic daily habits that help drive top-of-mind awareness while setting up reps to drive conversations with prospective clients. Your sales team will develop high-impact habits to integrate social prospecting into their daily habits. They’ll also get daily access to articles that they can post on their LinkedIn profiles.


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