The Opportunity

How Are You Going To Grow Your Business?

Buying habits have changed. At the same time, growing social networks like LinkedIn have created the biggest sales prospecting opportunity we have ever seen.

When you integrate proven sales tactics with new social selling strategies the results can be astounding. Digital prospecting reinvigorates your funnels. Socially surrounding your current accounts not only protects your client base, it also creates additional sales opportunities. The bottom line: if you do social right you can grow your business!


Reach Buyer 2.0

You can read the latest research on how buyers are on average 57% of the way through their decision making process before meeting with a sales rep. Or  simply look at how you buy things in your business or personal life. The reality is that social media and search engines play a huge role in the buying process. Sales representatives that modify their behavior to align with the new buying process will succeed while reps that refuse to change face some harsh realities. Your sales team needs to get up-to-speed quickly on how to take advantage of this trend.

Buyer 2.0

Grow Net-New Business

Every sales organization needs net-new business. Yet most sales reps have all but given up on prospecting. We’re not here to say that cold calling is dead. We are here to say that prospecting is different. Your reps need to learn how to blend traditional sales savvy with new social sales strategies. When they do this, they’ll build their network, filling their Relationship Funnel. When your Relationship Funnel is full, you create a steady stream of new opportunities into your Sales Funnel.

Socially Surround Your Clients

Your client base is always under attack. Plus, you have additional services and solutions you want to sell to your base. You can use LinkedIn and social selling strategies to go deep and wide in your current accounts. By having multiple connections you protect yourself from the possibility of your key contact leaving while also opening the door for new sales opportunities.

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